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You Don't Look Different

Part Five

Song Variations which first appeared on Non-British, Non-US releases

This section contains a compilation of mixes, edits, and other Beatles song versions that made their first appearances in countries other than England, the United States, or Canada. For simplicity's sake, since the Polydor songs were all released in Germany originally, only "unusual" versions of those songs are listed here. Also, edits that consist of "late starts" or "early fades" are not listed here, nor are "stereo reversals" or instances of stereo recordings being channeled down to mono. A few exceptional items from England are also listed below.

Song: "Across the Universe" Album: No One's Gonna Change Our World
UK Regal Star Line SRS 5013
This is one of the "exceptions" that was released in England originally. It is an exception because it was not found on a regular issue single, EP, or LP, but on a compilation album. This original version is at a slightly faster speed than the version on Let It Be and is the basic version as recorded in February, 1968. Two now-famous Beatle People, Lizzie Bravo and Gayleen Pease, sang backup on this version, which is preceded and followed by bird sounds. On April 1 and 2, 1970, Phil Spector dropped out most of the track that featured the girls, adding new parts where necessary, including an orchestra and choir.

Song: "All My Loving" Album: With the Beatles
German Odeon STO 83-568
Unlike the normal version, German copies of the song are preceded by five taps of a high hat. Paul also breathes in immediately before singing. This untrimmed version was available right away in Germany (1963) and was channeled down to mono for a single release (Odeon O 22-679). It was also found on the 1965 German album, Beatles Greatest (Odeon SMO 83-991).

Song: "And I Love Her" Album: Something New
German Odeon STO 83-756
The normal version features four repeats of the riff at the end of the song; this unedited version of the same mix sports six repeats. In 1980, Capitol duplicated this rare version by editing in two repeats of the riff, which extended their "normal" version to sound like the German issue. The German issue came out in November, 1964.

Song: "Baby, You're a Rich Man" Album: Magical Mystery Tour
German Hör Zu/Apple SHZE 327
This song was released in mono worldwide as the b-side to "All You Need Is Love" and was available in mono and rechanneled stereo on the Magical Mystery Tour LP, wherever that album was issued. It was not mixed for stereo until October 22, 1971, for inclusion on this album, which the German company chose to compile on its own, rather than depending on tapes from the USA. The stereo version is about nine seconds shorter and is missing some echo, but the bass is more clear and full than the mono release. With the release of Magical Mystery Tour on CD, this version is now common. The LP was released in early 1972 originally.

Song: "Devil in Her Heart" Album: The Beatles, Volume III
Mexican Capitol SLEM 045
In 1965, when Capitol reissued the original 1964 Mexican album (originally on Musart D-928), they pressed it in mono only. That mono pressing is exactly like the normal mono version. However, in about 1967, Discos Capitol de Mexico offered up this stereo alternative. Oddly, the last line of the song, "She's an angel sent to me," was edited out, letting the song jump from the next to last line to the instrumental coda. This was probably done to cover up a fault in the tape that Capitol-Mexico had received from Capitol-USA.

Song: "From Me to You" Album: Beatles Greatest
German Odeon SMO 83-991
The stereo version of "From Me to You" made its first appearance on this German album. Though it would later become common by its inclusion on all pressings of 1962-1966 made between 1973 and 1987, the song's occurrence in stereo was uncommon in 1965 and 1966. Countries carrying the "British catalog" issued the stereo mix on stereo copies of A Collection of Beatles Oldies, but the stereo version was otherwise scarce until 1973. It differs from the mono mix in that the harmonica overdub at the beginning of the song was overlooked (intentionally?) when releasing the song in stereo. One claim is that the harmonica overdub was lifted from its appearance in the middle of the song, making it difficult to drop into a stereo mix. Interestingly, the mono mix is now the dominant mix of the song, and so the stereo version is once again obscure.

Song: "I'm Down" EP: Help + 3
Japanese Odeon OP-4110
Although made on the same day as the mono mix (June 18, 1965), the stereo mix was first released in Japan only. It was not available in England or the United States in stereo until 1976, when it appeared as part of the Rock and Roll Music album.

Song: "The Inner Light" EP: The Beatles
UK Parlophone SGE 1
The song was first released in stereo on this EP, as part of the EP boxed set The Beatles EP's Collection. It is listed here because it was a non-standard British release. The mono mix appears to contain an edit piece that made use of a better instrumental intro than this stereo version. The stereo mix was made on January 20, 1970 and is now common, thanks to its release on CD in 1988 as part of Past Masters.

Song: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" Single: "I Want to Hold Your Hand"/"This Boy"
Australian Parlophone A-8103, 1976 stereo reissue
The original Australian single, as with all Beatles singles in 1963, was a mono release. In 1976, coinciding with the reissue of all the earlier singles in stereo, Australian Parlophone was sent this alternate mix of the a-side. This is the original stereo mix, made on October 21, 1963. The lead vocal is placed on the far right of the stereo picture; the standard stereo mix (November 7, 1966) has the lead vocal centered.

Song: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" Album: Beatles Greatest
German Odeon SMO 83-991
The German greatest hits collection from 1965 features a true stereo mix of the song made on June 8, 1965. This mix differs from the standard (November 7, 1966) stereo mix in the following respects: the lead guitar and clapping are louder here; the cymbals are slightly softer here. This mix was later issued on the 1967 German stereo reissue of Beatles Beat (SMO 73-692); that album had been mono only when first pressed in April, 1964.

Song: "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" Single: "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand"/"Sie Liebt Dich"
German Odeon O 22-671
Both songs were recorded with a German release in mind. Although the catalog number was allocated for the single in January or February, 1964, the song's release was delayed until a mono mix could be made on March 10, 1964. The song then appeared in rechanneled stereo on German albums. Its first stereo release appears to have been the US Something New album.

Song: "My Bonnie" Single: "My Bonnie"/"The Saints"
German Polydor NH 24-673
The original release of this song, in October, 1961, featured a slow German introduction. In January, 1962, a slow English introduction was substituted for the German one and became common in England and other countries. In 1964, the slow intro was trimmed off entirely, becoming the most common version. This version is now readily available on the Bear Family CD.

Song: "Penny Lane" Single: "Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields Forever"
Brazilian Odeon 7-BT-05
When the a-side tape was sent to Brazil for its first release, the tape had a defect which caused the words "in Summer" to appear to be missing from the middle of the song, which jumps abruptly at that point. The error was later reissued on an EP (All You Need Is Love + 3, Odeon 7BTD 2003) and on the album Beatles For Ever (Apple BTL-1017, shown above), both in Brazil. Reissues of the album continued to have the faulty version, which was not available in other countries.

Song: "Penny Lane" Album: The Essential Beatles
Australian Apple TVSS 8
The song was not mixed for stereo until September 30, 1971. That mix apparently was done for inclusion on this album. The same stereo version was later used on the 1972 German release of Magical Mystery Tour. The stereo mix has trumpeting after the line, "It's a clean machine," that is missing from the mono mix. The song also appears to begin more abruptly in stereo. Thanks to its release on the Magical Mystery Tour CD, the stereo mix is now common.

Song: "She's a Woman" Album: Greatest Hits Volume 2
Australian Parlophone PCSO 7534
also Southeast Asian Parlophone LPEA 1001
Until its release on Past Masters in 1988, the true stereo mix of this song, made on October 12, 1964 (the same day as the mono mix) was only available on this album and on certain other releases. The stereo mix was issued again in 1976 in Australia on a stereo reissue single (Parlophone A-8133). An untrimmed stereo version, with a count-in, can be found on the 1981 EP, The Beatles (UK Parlophone SGE 1), which was part of the EP boxed set. Thanks to Past Masters, it is now common.

Song: "Sie Liebt Dich" Single: "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand"/"Sie Liebt Dich"
German Odeon O 22-671
This song has the same history as "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand." As an interesting note, it was not available in true stereo until 1980.

Song: "Strawberry Fields Forever" Album: Magical Mystery Tour
German Hör Zu/Apple SHZE 327
When a copy of the song was requested for the German LP, the original stereo mix from December 29, 1966, was regarded as inferior. Therefore, a new stereo mix was made on October 26, 1971. This version differs from the earlier mix at several points: the edit between takes, found between "Cause I'm" and "going to" during the second chorus, is not covered up here as it is on the US album; the swardmandal "pings" at "No one I think" on this version; the swardmandal pans from side to side before the verses begin (on the other mix, it remains centered); "Cranberry Sauce" can be heard twice at the end here, since this mix is slightly longer; the fade-ins and fade-outs during the instrumental ending occur at different times; John's countdown before the second and third verses can be heard more clearly here. This version is now the common version, thanks to its inclusion on the Magical Mystery Tour CD.

Song: "Sweet Georgia Brown" EP: Ya Ya + 3
German Polydor EPH 21-485
This is the original version of the song, as released in September, 1962. After the Beatles became popular, the lyrics were rewritten and re-recorded by Tony Sheridan (January 7, 1964). That re-recorded version is the common version of the song. This version appeared only sparingly on record and is now available on the German CD set from Bear Family.

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